Sucan O Syrup 100ml

Introduction to Sucan O Syrup 100ml

Sucan O Syrup should be taken as directed by your doctor typically without food The dosage will be determined based on your condition and how you respond to the medication It is important to continue taking this medicine for the full duration recommended by your doctor Stopping treatment prematurely may result in a relapse of symptoms and potentially worsen your condition Inform your healthcare team about any other medications you are currently taking as they may interact with or be affected by Sucan O Syrup It is not advisable to exceed the recommended duration of treatment as longterm use may have adverse health effects Common side effects of Sucan O Syrup include constipation nausea vomiting dizziness insomnia and allergic reactions These side effects are usually temporary and tend to resolve over time If you have any concerns about these side effects promptly contact your doctor To alleviate constipation include fiberrich foods in your diet and maintain proper hydration This medication may also cause dizziness and drowsiness so refrain from driving or engaging in activities that require mental focus until you understand how this medication affects you Avoid consuming alcohol while taking Sucan O Syrup as it can intensify drowsiness Certain lifestyle changes such as consuming cold milk and avoiding hot tea coffee spicy foods or chocolate may also contribute to better results Before starting Sucan O Syrup inform your doctor if you are pregnant planning pregnancy or breastfeeding Additionally disclose any liver diseases you may have so that your doctor can prescribe an appropriate dosage for you

USES IN Sucan O Syrup 100ml

Stomach ulcers

SIDE EFFECTS OF Sucan O Syrup 100ml

Insomnia (difficulty in sleeping)
Allergic reaction

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Sucan O Syrup 100ml


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Sucan O Syrup 100ml

Prescription Required

Packaging :

bottle of 100 ml syrup

Manufacturer :

Alna Biotech Pvt Ltd



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