Dr. Riddhi Jain

Advance physiotherapist


Obesity Consultant

Personalized fitness plans
Advanced physiotherapy treatments
Dietary management
Obesity consultancy
Dr. Riddhi Jain is a highly skilled physiotherapist, dietitian, and obesity consultant who runs her own clinic, the Dr. Riddhi Wellness Center. She specializes in developing custom fitness plans and providing advanced physiotherapy treatments, tailored to each patient's unique needs.


At the Dr. Riddhi Wellness Center, Dr. Jain is dedicated to promoting overall well-being, using her expertise to create effective fitness strategies and specialized physiotherapeutic interventions. Her comprehensive approach ensures that her patients receive the best care for their physical health and dietary needs.


For expert guidance in physiotherapy and diet planning, trust Dr. Riddhi Jain at the Dr. Riddhi Wellness Center. She is committed to helping you achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle through professional and personalized care.

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