Vopenem 125mg Injection

Introduction to Vopenem 125mg Injection

Vopenem 125mg Injection is used to treat severe skin infections caused by specific bacteria, including Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus species, and for complicated intraabdominal infections such as appendicitis and peritonitis, targeting bacteria like Escherichia coli and Bacteroides species.

It works against both types of bacteria, Grampositive and Gramnegative. Meropenem functions by easily entering bacterial cells and disrupting the creation of crucial cell wall parts, causing the bacteria to die.

Medications like meropenem won't treat colds, flu, or other viral infections. Using antibiotics when they're not necessary raises the chance of developing infections later on that won't respond to antibiotic treatment.

Patients prescribed it should adhere to their healthcare provider's recommendations regarding dosage and duration of treatment.

It is crucial to report any persistent symptoms or adverse effects promptly.


How Vopenem 125mg Injection Works

This medicine is part of a group called carbapenem antibiotics. It works by getting rid of bacteria that can lead to serious infections. It's a versatile treatment used for various bacterial infections like those in the brain (meningitis), lungs (pneumonia), abdomen, urinary tract, skin, blood, and heart. Normally, a doctor or nurse administers this medicine through an injection

How to take Vopenem 125mg Injection

This medicine will be administered by your doctor or nurse
Refrain from selfadministration
Do not independently administer the medication
Trust your doctor or nurse for the correct dosage and application
Follow their guidance meticulously for safe and effective use
Seek professional advice for any concerns or questions related to the medication

Special Precautions about Vopenem 125mg Injection

Use with caution in patients with known allergies to beta lactams.
Monitor for signs of hypersensitivity reactions.
Assess renal function regularly.
Consider the risk of seizures, especially in patients with CNS disorders.
Caution in patients with a history of gastrointestinal disease.

USES IN Vopenem 125mg Injection

Severe bacterial infections

BENEFITS OF Vopenem 125mg Injection

Effectively targets diverse bacterial infections.
Used for severe and life threatening infections.
Effective against bacteria resistant to other antibiotics.
Rapid onset with potent antibacterial properties.

SIDE EFFECTS OF Vopenem 125mg Injection

Abdominal pain
Abdominal swelling

What if I Missed a Dose of Vopenem 125mg Injection

If you miss a dose of the drug consult your doctor for guidance. Seeking professional advice is vital to determine the appropriate course of action. Avoid self-adjusting or doubling the dose. Your doctor will provide personalized recommendations based on your specific situation and medical history for the best possible outcomes.


Similar Medicines Of Vopenem 125mg Injection

For information purposes only. Consult a doctor before taking any medicines.

Vopenem 125mg Injection


Safety Advice For Vopenem 125mg Injection

Check for risk indication explain below.

High risk Moderate risk Safe

Disease Explanation :


No disease explanation.

Disclaimer : This information is not a substitute for medical advice. Consult your healthcare provider before making any changes to your treatment . Do not ignore or delay professional medical advice based on anything you have seen or read on Medwiki.

Vopenem 125mg Injection

Prescription Required

Packaging :

vial of 1 Injection

Manufacturer :

Vokin Biotech Pvt Ltd

Composition :

Meropenem (125mg)



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