Vertin OD 32mg Tablet SR 7s

Vertin OD 32mg Tablet SR 7s

Prescription Required

Packaging :

strip of 7 tablet sr

Manufacturer :


Composition :

Betahistine (32mg)



Introduction to Vertin OD 32mg Tablet SR 7s

Vertin OD 32mg Tablet is prescribed for the prevention and treatment of Mnires disease a condition affecting the inner ear Symptoms of this disorder include dizziness vertigo ringing in the ears tinnitus and hearing loss which are often caused by an accumulation of fluid in the ear This medication helps alleviate these symptoms by reducing the amount of fluid in the ear Vertin OD 32mg Tablet is classified as a histamine analog It functions by enhancing blood flow in the inner ear which in turn reduces the pressure caused by excess fluid Excess fluid can send signals to the brain leading to symptoms such as nausea dizziness and spinning sensations commonly associated with Mnires disease Additionally Vertin 16 Tablet also helps dampen the nerve signals sent from the inner ear to the brain further alleviating the symptoms of Mnires disease To experience the maximum benefits it is important to swallow Vertin OD 32mg Tablet whole with water and take it at the same times each day The appropriate dosage to relieve your symptoms and the frequency of intake will be determined by your doctor It may be necessary to take this medication for several months and it is crucial to adhere to your doctors prescribed duration even if you start to feel better

USES IN Vertin OD 32mg Tablet SR 7s

Menieres disease

BENEFITS OF Vertin OD 32mg Tablet SR 7s

In Treatment of Menieres disease

SIDE EFFECTS OF Vertin OD 32mg Tablet SR 7s

Stomach pain

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Vertin OD 32mg Tablet SR 7s


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