Tesm 40mg Tablet

Tesm 40mg Tablet

Prescription Required
strip of 10 tablets
Manufacturer : Taurus Laboratories Pvt Ltd
Composition Name: Esomeprazole (40mg)





Introduction to Tesm 40mg Tablet

It is important to follow your doctors advice and take Tesm 40mg Tablet as prescribed The dosage will depend on your specific condition and it is important to take the lowest effective dose for the shortest duration necessary It is recommended to swallow the tablet whole about an hour before a meal at the same time each day Please note that it may take a few weeks for the medication to work properly and your doctor will inform you of the duration of treatment Even if your symptoms improve quickly it is important to continue taking the medication as prescribed If you are taking Tesm 40mg Tablet for a prolonged period your doctor may conduct regular tests to monitor magnesium levels as this medication can cause a decrease in magnesium Common side effects of Tesm 40mg Tablet may include headaches constipation or diarrhea stomach pain and nausea These side effects are typically mild but if they persist or bother you it is advisable to consult your doctor The risk of side effects may increase with prolonged use of the medication although serious side effects are rare It is recommended to discuss with your doctor about potential serious side effects that require immediate medical attention Taking this medication for an extended period may increase the risk of bone fractures To help manage your symptoms it is best to avoid foods that exacerbate your condition such as rich spicy and fatty foods It is also advisable to reduce consumption of caffeinated drinks like tea coffee and cola as well as alcohol Before taking Tesm 40mg Tablet it is important to inform your doctor if you have severe liver problems are taking HIV medications have had an allergic reaction to similar medications in the past or have osteoporosis While alcohol does not interfere with the effectiveness of Tesm 40mg Tablet it can increase stomach acid production It is important to note that this medication can cause dizziness drowsiness or affect your vision If these side effects occur


Gastroesophageal reflux disease (Acid reflux)
Peptic ulcer disease


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