Tenorex 50mg Tablet

Tenorex 50mg Tablet

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Tenorex 50mg Tablet is utilized for the treatment of symptoms caused by an overactive thyroid gland It can be prescribed alone or in combination with other medications The dosage and frequency will depend on the purpose of usage and the severity of the condition You can take it on an empty stomach or with a meal but it is important to take it regularly at the same time each day to maximize its benefits The full effectiveness of this medicine may take several weeks to manifest and in some cases it may need to be taken for a lifetime It is crucial to continue taking the medication even if you start feeling better as most individuals with high blood pressure do not experience any symptoms Stopping the medication abruptly can worsen your condition The common side effects of this medicine include fatigue slow heart rate dizziness diarrhea and nausea However these side effects are typically mild and shortlived In some individuals it may also cause shortness of breath or low blood pressure Your doctor will likely initiate the medication at a low dose and gradually increase it to minimize the risk of side effects If the side effects become bothersome or persist it is advisable to consult your doctor Inform your doctor about any liver problems you may have before taking this medicine It may not be suitable for individuals with a slow heart rate severe circulation problems severe heart failure or low blood pressure Pregnant or breastfeeding women should also consult their doctor before using this medication It is important to have your blood pressure regularly monitored to ensure the medication is working effectively Avoiding alcohol consumption is recommended as it may amplify certain side effects