HHzole Cream 10gm

HHzole Cream 10gm

Prescription Required

Packaging :

tube of 10 gm cream

Manufacturer :

Hegde and Hegde Pharmaceutical LLP



Introduction to HHzole Cream 10gm

To maximize the benefits of HHzole Cream it is important to use it regularly Avoid using more than necessary as it will not speed up the healing process and may increase the likelihood of experiencing side effects Typically skin infections improve within 2 to 6 weeks of treatment If your condition does not show any improvement after 2 weeks inform your doctor You can enhance the effectiveness of the cream by keeping the affected area clean and dry and remember to wash your hands before and after treating the infection The most common side effects of HHzole Cream are mild and include burning irritation itching and redness at the application site If these side effects persist or bother you for more than a few days consult your doctor Avoid direct contact with your eyes nose or mouth when using the cream and if accidental exposure occurs rinse the affected area with plenty of water immediately It is unlikely that other orally or injectable medications will interfere with the effectiveness of HHzole Cream However it is advisable to discuss any recently used medications for the infection with your doctor before using this cream Pregnant women are not recommended to use this medicine and it is important for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers to consult their doctors before considering the use of this cream

USES IN HHzole Cream 10gm

Fungal skin infections

BENEFITS OF HHzole Cream 10gm

HHzole Cream helps treat and control fungal skin infections like athlete’s foot (infection between toes), jock itch, fungal nail infection, infected nappy rash, rash in folds of skin (areas like armpit or beneath the breast), thrush, and ringworm. It gives relief from pain, swelling, redness, or itching due to infection and speeds up the healing process. You may notice your skin starting to get better within 4-5 days. Keep using HHzole Cream for as long as it is prescribed.

SIDE EFFECTS OF HHzole Cream 10gm

Application site reactions (burning, irritation, itching and redness)

Similar Medicines Of HHzole Cream 10gm

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HHzole Cream 10gm


Safety Advice For HHzole Cream 10gm

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