Dizinext 20mg/40mg Tablet

Dizinext 20mg/40mg Tablet

Prescription Required

Packaging :

strip of 10 tablets

Manufacturer :

Anax Lifescience



Introduction to Dizinext 20mg/40mg Tablet

Dizinext 20mg/40mg Tablet contains Cinnarizine and Dimenhydrinate, a dual specialist team working on different aspects of your body's balance system. Cinnarizine primarily targets the outer parts, while Dimenhydrinate focuses on the inner parts. Together, they provide comprehensive relief from issues like motion sickness, vertigo, and balance disorders.

Cinnarizine functions by stabilizing the cells in the outer balance system, reducing sensitivity to motion.  Dimenhydrinate works on the brain's inner balance centers to control symptoms like nausea and dizziness.

Their combined action helps maintain balance and reduce discomfort associated with motion-related issues.

Follow your doctor's instructions for dosage and duration medication can be taken with or without food. For consistent results, take it at the same time each day.

Swallow the tablet whole without chewing, crushing, or breaking it.

Be cautious of drowsiness and dizziness, especially at the start of treatment.  Avoid driving or operating machinery until you understand how the medication affects you

Individuals with Parkinson's disease should use Cinnarizine cautiously, as it may worsen symptoms.

Side effects include drowsiness, dry mouth, headache, and stomach pain.

If you miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember. However, if it's close to the time for your next dose, skip the missed one and continue with your regular schedule. Do not take a double dose For advice on managing missed doses, consult your doctor.



Special Precautions about Dizinext 20mg/40mg Tablet

Cinnarizine can cause drowsiness and dizziness, especially at the beginning of treatment Individuals should avoid activities that require mental alertness, such as driving or operating machinery, until they know how the medication affects them.
Cinnarizine should be used cautiously in individuals with Parkinson's disease, as it may worsen symptoms.
Dimenhydrinate can cause or worsen gastrointestinal conditions such as acid reflux or peptic ulcers Individuals with a history of gastrointestinal issues should use this combination with caution.

USES IN Dizinext 20mg/40mg Tablet


BENEFITS OF Dizinext 20mg/40mg Tablet

Alleviates vertigo symptoms effectively.
Reduces nausea associated with vertigo.
Provides relief from motion sickness.
Enhances overall balance and comfort.

SIDE EFFECTS OF Dizinext 20mg/40mg Tablet

Dryness in mouth
Stomach pain

What if I Missed a Dose of Dizinext 20mg/40mg Tablet

If you miss a dose, take it when you remember. If your next dose is close, skip the missed one and stay on your regular schedule. Avoid taking two doses at once. Consult your doctor for guidance on managing missed doses effectively.

Similar Medicines Of Dizinext 20mg/40mg Tablet

For information purposes only. Consult a doctor before taking any medicines.

Dizinext 20mg/40mg Tablet


Safety Advice For Dizinext 20mg/40mg Tablet

Check for risk indication explain below.

High risk Moderate risk Safe

Disease Explanation :


Vertigo is a sensation of feeling off balance or spinning. It can be caused by variou ... Show More

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