Caqpro Sachet

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It is important to follow your doctors instructions when taking Caqpro Sachet Ideally it should be taken with or after a meal to aid in absorption Regularly taking the medication will yield the best results If you are using Caqpro Sachet to treat osteoporosis your doctor may prescribe additional medications as part of a comprehensive treatment plan This may involve dietary changes and the use of calcium and vitamin supplements It is essential to be aware of foods that are rich in calcium and vitamin D to ensure proper intake Caqpro Sachet has minimal side effects and they are not commonly experienced However taking an excessive amount of the medication may cause weakness muscle pain or a metallic taste in the mouth Before starting Caqpro Sachet inform your doctor if you have high levels of calcium in your blood or if you have any heart kidney or liver diseases Some other medications can affect the absorption of vitamin D3 so it is crucial to disclose all the medications you are currently taking to ensure your safety Caqpro Sachet may be beneficial during pregnancy when increased vitamin D is required but excessive intake may be harmful to the baby Regular blood tests and possibly Xrays may be conducted while using this medication

USES IN Caqpro Sachet

Vitamin D deficiency


No common side effects seen

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Caqpro Sachet


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Caqpro Sachet

Prescription Required

Packaging :

packet of 1 gm Sachet

Manufacturer :

Globus Labs



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