Canditas V Gel 30gm

Introduction to Canditas V Gel 30gm

CanditasV Gel is a medication specifically designed to combat fungal infections It is primarily used to treat vaginal infections caused by fungi which may result in symptoms such as vaginal burning itching and unusual discharge The gel effectively eliminates fungi by destroying their cell membrane It is important to note that CanditasV Gel should only be used externally Follow your doctors instructions regarding the dosage and duration of treatment For optimal results it is advisable to apply the gel at night Prior to application ensure that the affected area is clean Additionally remember to thoroughly wash your hands before and after using the gel Even if you begin feeling better do not discontinue use until you have completed the full course of treatment The likelihood of other medications taken orally or through injection interfering with the gels effectiveness is low Nevertheless it is recommended to consult with your doctor if you have previously used a similar medication and experienced an allergic reaction In regards to pregnancy CanditasV Gel should only be used if deemed absolutely necessary

USES IN Canditas V Gel 30gm

Fungal infections of vagina
Fungal infections

BENEFITS OF Canditas V Gel 30gm

In Fungal infections of vagina
Treatment of Fungal infections

SIDE EFFECTS OF Canditas V Gel 30gm

Skin peeling
Application site irritation

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Canditas V Gel 30gm


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Canditas V Gel 30gm

Prescription Required

Packaging :

tube of 30 gm Gel

Manufacturer :

Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd



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