Calshine-P Oral Drops 30ml

Introduction to Calshine-P Oral Drops 30ml

Calshine P drops are formulated with cholecalciferol a vitamin D3 analogue specifically designed to address vitamin D3 deficiency in children resulting from insufficient sunlight exposure This deficiency may also be present in breastfeeding mothers These drops contain calcium and phosphorus which have multiple benefits They enhance metabolism and contribute to the development of stronger bones and teeth in children Additionally they aid in the absorption of calcium in muscles thereby improving muscle contraction relaxation flexibility and elasticity By enhancing overall muscle strength and functionality Calshine P drops support optimal muscle functioning in children

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Calshine-P Oral Drops 30ml


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Calshine-P Oral Drops 30ml

Prescription Required

Packaging :

packet of 30 ml drop

Manufacturer :

Eris Lifesciences Ltd

Composition :

Vitamin D3 (800IU)



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