Cadilose Oral Solution Pineapple

Cadilose Oral Solution Pineapple

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Cadilose Oral Solution Pineapple can be taken with or without food It is important to follow your doctors instructions when taking this medicine Take it regularly and try to take it at the same times each day to achieve optimal results Your dosage may be adjusted depending on how well the medicine is working for you Do not exceed the recommended dosage and if you miss a dose do not take an extra one to compensate It typically takes at least 48 hours for this medicine to take effect If you are still experiencing constipation after three days consult your doctor The most common side effects of Cadilose Oral Solution Pineapple are mild nausea and vomiting which usually subside within a few days However in rare cases individuals may experience severe diarrhea and imbalances in electrolyte levels If you notice any of these serious side effects seek medical attention immediately Before taking this medicine inform your doctor if you have diabetes or if you are lactose intolerant and unable to digest milk sugar If you use this medicine for an extended period your doctor may recommend occasional blood tests to monitor your mineral levels such as potassium and sodium Avoid taking other laxative medications while using Cadilose Oral Solution Pineapple If you are pregnant or breastfeeding consult your doctor before taking this medicine