Caboprost 125mcg Injection 1ml

Caboprost 125mcg Injection 1ml

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Caboprost 125mcg Injection is administrated through deep muscle injection under the supervision of a medical professional It should only be given in a hospital setting and should not be selfadministered The dosage and frequency of administration depend on the specific purpose of the medication It is important to continue taking this medicine as prescribed Common side effects of Caboprost 125mcg Injection include vomiting flushing hot flushes headache and chills If these side effects become bothersome or severe it is essential to inform your doctor Your doctor may be able to suggest ways to minimize or prevent these side effects If you experience dizziness avoid activities that require focus or driving Before taking this medication inform your doctor about any history of heart disease high or low blood pressure liver or kidney disease It is also important to let your doctor know about any other medications you are currently taking as they may interfere with the effectiveness or alter the mechanism of Caboprost 125mcg Injection Lastly remember that this medication is only administered after delivery and should not be taken during pregnancy