Burin 300mg Tablet

Burin 300mg Tablet

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It is recommended to take Burin 300mg Tablet after eating a meal It is important to follow your doctors instructions and continue taking the medication even when you are not experiencing a gout attack Stopping the medication may worsen your symptoms as it can lead to the formation of more crystals in your joints and kidneys Making dietary changes and staying hydrated can help improve your condition Possible common side effects of this medicine include rash nausea and diarrhea If you experience these symptoms your doctor can provide guidance on how to reduce or prevent them In some cases a severe allergic reaction may occur requiring immediate medical attention If you notice symptoms of liver disease such as persistent nausea yellowing of the skin or eyes or dark urine consult your doctor promptly Before taking this medication inform your doctor if you have a history of heart failure heart problems stroke kidney or liver disease or thyroid problems to ensure its safety Pregnant or breastfeeding individuals should not use this medicine without consulting their doctor Regular blood tests will be required to monitor the proper functioning of your liver