Bioval 300mg Tablet CR 10s

Introduction to Bioval 300mg Tablet CR 10s

Bioval 300mg Tablet CR 10s is used to treat various seizure disorders, including epilepsy. They are also prescribed for certain mood disorders like bipolar disorder and for preventing migraine headaches.

Sodium Valproate and Valproic Acid belong to the class of antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) or anticonvulsants. Both medications work by stabilizing electrical activity in the brain. They increase the levels of a neurotransmitter called gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), which helps in calming overactive nerve signals in the brain, reducing the occurrence of seizures and preventing abnormal brain activity associated with certain mood disorders.

Do not suddenly stop taking this medication without consulting your doctor, as it may lead to an increase in seizures or mood swings Your doctor may need to gradually reduce the dosage before discontinuing the medication.

Patients prescribed it should adhere to their healthcare provider's recommendations regarding dosage and duration of treatment.

It is crucial to report any persistent symptoms or adverse effects promptly.


How Bioval 300mg Tablet CR 10s Works

Combining Sodium Valproate with Valproic Acid enhances the anticonvulsant effect, providing better control over seizures in epilepsy and bipolar disorder.

How to take Bioval 300mg Tablet CR 10s

Follow your doctor's advice on the dose and duration
Avoid chewing, crushing, or breaking it
Take with food for optimal effectiveness
Swallow the tablet intact to ensure its intended efficacy
Adhere to a consistent schedule for the best results with this medication

Special Precautions about Bioval 300mg Tablet CR 10s

Monitor liver function regularly.
Assess for signs of pancreatitis.
Caution in patients with hepatic dysfunction.
Watch for CNS side effects.
Avoid in pregnancy unless benefits outweigh risks.

BENEFITS OF Bioval 300mg Tablet CR 10s

Helps in the effective management and reduction of seizures.
Aids in stabilizing mood fluctuations.
Acts as a preventive measure against manic episodes.
Provides relief from certain neuropathic pain conditions.

SIDE EFFECTS OF Bioval 300mg Tablet CR 10s

Liver injury
Weight gain

What if I Missed a Dose of Bioval 300mg Tablet CR 10s

If you forget a dose of the drug, take it promptly. Skip if your next dose is near and return to your regular schedule. Avoid doubling the dose. Consistent adherence to this routine ensures safe and effective use. If uncertain, consult your healthcare provider for guidance on managing missed doses and maintaining the prescribed regimen.

Similar Medicines Of Bioval 300mg Tablet CR 10s

For information purposes only. Consult a doctor before taking any medicines.

Bioval 300mg Tablet CR 10s


Safety Advice For Bioval 300mg Tablet CR 10s

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High risk Moderate risk Safe

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Disclaimer : This information is not a substitute for medical advice. Consult your healthcare provider before making any changes to your treatment . Do not ignore or delay professional medical advice based on anything you have seen or read on Medwiki.

Bioval 300mg Tablet CR 10s

Prescription Required

Packaging :

strip of 10 tablet

Manufacturer :

Biochem Pharmaceutical Industries



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