Atropin Injection

Introduction to Atropin Injection

The Atropin Injection can be used alongside other medications to counter the effects of muscle relaxants during surgical procedures Your doctor or nurse will administer the injection to ensure the appropriate dosage It is important to inform your doctor about any other medications you are currently taking as they may interact with or be affected by this medicine There are some common side effects associated with this medication including blurred vision and a rapid heartbeat Additionally dry mouth may occur while using this medicine To alleviate this symptom it is recommended to rinse your mouth frequently maintain good oral hygiene and increase water intake Pregnant or breastfeeding women should consult their doctor before taking this medicine If you have a severe heart condition or are experiencing urinary retention it is advisable to avoid the use of this medication

USES IN Atropin Injection


SIDE EFFECTS OF Atropin Injection

Blurred vision
Increased heart rate
Dryness in mouth
Injection site pain

Similar Medicines Of Atropin Injection

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Atropin Injection


Safety Advice For Atropin Injection

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High risk Moderate risk Safe

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Atropin Injection

Prescription Required

Packaging :

vial of 1 ml Injection

Manufacturer :

Hindustan Syringes & Medical Devices Ltd

Composition :

Atropine (NA)



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