Abdaz Oral Suspension

Abdaz Oral Suspension

Prescription Required

Packaging :

bottle of 10 ml Oral Suspension

Manufacturer :

Suncare Formulations Pvt Ltd



Introduction to Abdaz Oral Suspension

Abdaz Oral Suspension is a medicine containing Albendazole is an anthelmintic medication designed to combat parasitic worm infections by inhibiting their growth and multiplication in the body It is effective against worms such as pork tapeworm and dog tapeworm.

Albendazole works by impeding the development and reproduction of newly hatched insect larvae or worms, contributing to the eradication of the infection.

Shake the suspension well before each use and measure the prescribed amount accurately using the provided device It is usually taken with food to improve absorption Swallow the medication whole with water if in tablet form, and complete the full prescribed course even if symptoms alleviate before completion If vomiting occurs within an hour of taking the medication, consult the healthcare provider.

Pregnant individuals should use effective birth control during albendazole treatment and for at least 3 days after the last dose Regular medical tests are necessary to monitor liver function, and any signs of infection should be reported promptly.

If a dose is missed, take it as soon as possible, unless it's close to the next scheduled dose Avoid taking two doses simultaneously.


How Abdaz Oral Suspension Works

Albendazole, when it transforms into its active form (albendazole sulfoxide), disrupts the internal structure of intestinal worms by breaking down their essential building blocks called microtubules. These microtubules are like the scaffolding that holds the worms together. Albendazole sulfoxide messes with their construction, making the worms unable to function properly. Additionally, it interferes with the worms' ability to use glucose and decreases their energy storage. In higher amounts, it disrupts the worms' energy-producing processes, leading to their immobilization and eventual demise.

How to take Abdaz Oral Suspension

Follow the instructions provided by your doctor for proper usage.
Typically administered orally with a measured dose using a spoon or as directed.
Can be taken with or without food based on preference.

Special Precautions about Abdaz Oral Suspension

Albendazole may cause harm to a developing fetus, especially during the first trimester of pregnancy It is generally not recommended for use in pregnant women unless the potential benefits outweigh the risks Women of childbearing age should use effective contraception during and for at least one month after completing Albendazole treatment Additionally, breastfeeding should be avoided during Albendazole treatment.
Albendazole is commonly used to treat neurocysticercosis, a parasitic infection involving the central nervous system However, caution is needed, especially in cases where the cysts are located within the brain, as inflammation may occur during treatment Regular monitoring and follow-up with a healthcare professional are crucial in such cases.

USES IN Abdaz Oral Suspension

Worm infections

BENEFITS OF Abdaz Oral Suspension

Effective against parasitic infections.
Provides relief from gastrointestinal symptoms.
Supports improved digestive health.

SIDE EFFECTS OF Abdaz Oral Suspension

Sore throat
Loss of appetite
Increased liver enzymes

What if I Missed a Dose of Abdaz Oral Suspension

If you miss a dose, take it when you remember. If your next dose is close, skip the missed one and stay on your regular schedule. Avoid taking two doses at once. Consult your doctor for guidance on managing missed doses effectively.

Similar Medicines Of Abdaz Oral Suspension

For information purposes only. Consult a doctor before taking any medicines.

Abdaz Oral Suspension


Safety Advice For Abdaz Oral Suspension

Check for risk indication explain below.

High risk Moderate risk Safe

Drug Interaction :

Antiepileptic drugs (carbamazepine, phenobarbital, phenytoin) decrease albendazole sulfoxide levels, impacting its effectiveness.
Cimetidine, an antacid, increases albendazole concentration and prolongs its half-life by inhibiting CYP3A4, potentially enhancing potency.
Corticosteroids elevate albendazole sulfoxide levels, while praziquantel and levamisole affect its plasma concentration.
Long-term use of ritonavir, an antiretroviral, decreases albendazole concentration in plasma by inhibiting CYP3A4.
Consult your healthcare provider for more information.

Drug-Food Interaction

Grapefruit inhibits albendazole metabolism in the gut, influencing its absorption.
Consult your healthcare provider for more information.

Habit Forming


Disease Explanation :


Parasitic worm infections involve the body being infested by worms such as roundworms ... Show More

Disclaimer : This information is not a substitute for medical advice. Consult your healthcare provider before making any changes to your treatment . Do not ignore or delay professional medical advice based on anything you have seen or read on Medwiki.

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