Dr Sushma Mogri


  • MBBS
  • DNB (OBGY) - Diplomate of National Board in Obstetrics and Gynecology


  • Gynaecology
  • Specialist in PCOS/PCOD
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Menstrual Irregularities


Weight Loss, Acne, Hirsutism:

Dr. Sushma Mogri, with an MBBS and DNB (OBGY) qualification, stands as a highly qualified Gynaecologist. Her expertise spans across various facets of gynecology, specializing particularly in PCOS/PCOD, Hormonal Imbalances, Menstrual Irregularities, Weight Loss strategies, Acne, and Hirsutism.

Her commitment to delivering compassionate and individualized medical care ensures comprehensive services tailored to address diverse gynecological concerns. Trust Dr. Sushma Mogri for expert guidance and personalized solutions in gynecology, offering specialized care in areas such as PCOS/PCOD management, hormonal balance, menstrual health, weight management, acne treatment, and hirsutism remedies.

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